Paramedic Protocol Provider App Reviews

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Awesome, Useful

I purchased this app, downloaded a protocol and within seconds had my local protocol available for reference. I noticed a little bug and contacted the developer, within a few minutes I had a response and within 30 mins had an update that fixed the bug. Out of all my app purchases, I havent found one developer with such great customer service. Cant wait to explore the next update!

Handy dandy

Ive used this for 3 years. Extremely convenient and updated. Thank you

Was a useful app

Useful app and worked okay besides some hyperlink issues. Have to update the app to update my protocols

Great app about to get worse

This is an amazing app for quickly looking up protocols! Unfortunately in the app description it says they are going to start requiring a $4.99 subscription in 2017! While I value this app and was willing to pay $9.99 initially for it, that is going to devalue it and make me search for other options (more out of principle, grandfather those who paid with the understanding it was a one time fee and my opinion will change). I will say though that they are quick to update the app as protocols change.

Annual fee

I like this app. Ive used it and have seen it used especially by those who are new to the state. Understanding phones shouldnt be relied on, we rely on our phones. Phones have phone numbers to important people and places like med control, EDs, and dispatch. Phones have GPS, calculators, and protocols if you choose. Im having a hard time, though, understanding why there will be an annual fee. I was happy paying the original fee to obtain the app. Protocols arent revised every year, so how can you place an annual fee?


I highly recommend this App! Fast response when I let them know our new protocol was starting Feb 1st. I dont need to carry the small pocket version, it is right here on my phone when I need it. Being on an ALS engine, Im able to pull up SOPs before the ambulance arrives which is very handy. Im also able to study for the SOP test without lugging the full copy around. Every Paramedic should have this on their phone. If your Regions SOP is not listed, e-mail and you can bet it will be added quickly!

Great App!

This app is great, and the service it comes with is unremarkable! If you find that you have an out dated protocol, just shoot them an e-mail, they take care of it immediately! I reported an out of date protocols and on this last Friday afternoon, they researched it, and on Superbowl Sunday I received a response, and was able to update! Thanks for your help I would recommend this to any paramedic with an i-product.

Medic Students Best Friend

Great protocol app! Shows every page and notes easily categorized. Perfect for a quick review on the way to a call or doing homework. Often updated and errors can be easily reported. I wholeheartedly recommend this app and commend the amount of work put into it. No one wants to carry a protocol book 24/7 but this makes it possible! Add as many states/regions/companies as youd like!

My favorite app!

Love this app I work in two different counties with different protocols and this thing is an awesome back up. They are super fast with updates, I dont need Internet access to look anything up. Its great to compare other counties protocols. Great study tool!

A must have

If you are a practicing EMT or Paramedic, this is a must have. If you have your phone you have your Protocols. Great App, even better service.

Great app for EMS!

My jurisdiction supplies protocols to the owner of this app. They are usually updated within a day of being sent. For those that dont have jurisdictions supplying protocols to this app, just send them in a PDF format so you can also reap the benefits. Its much faster referencing a protocol with this app than flipping through a protocol manual. Hyperlinks are embedded to make searching easier. If you write protocols, this app is a great reference tool with many protocols from which to choose! For those that ranked this with one star, get off your butt & do some leg work to get your protocols added.

Handy when needed

I do enjoy having my current protocols at my fingertips. Oded has be very quick to respond in the past to keep everything up to date.

Great app... Great customer service

Program works great. Use it numerous times. Didnt have my protocols at first but author kept trying to get them and he kept me informed if progress. As some as he got them he emailed me so I could download them. Awesome


Not just another publisher creating an app that they neglect. Protocols are said to be updated regularly.


Great app! Perfect for local protocols and neighboring ones. Great job. Well worth the $$$$$.


Would be helpful for (Riverside Ca) to have the hospital ER# and have the map function work. Otherwise really like the app.


Absolutely a great tool! Navigates fast and accurately. I work in multiple jurisdictions and I can carry all three standing orders in my pocket.

Great tool

This app is great! I use it nearly every shift to double check my! Author keeps updating as needed!

Great app!

The app works perfectly and its so much easier than flipping through a pocket guide to check a dose for one of those rarely used medications. The developer is also really responsive. Highly recommended!

Must Have Protocol Tool

This app uses PDF files in an easy to navigate format. I work for two EMS providers and just got one to have their protocols published here. Other provider has been using for two years. Its a great resource to look up protocols while enroute, on scene or transporting. Well worth the dollars.

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