Paramedic Protocol Provider App Reviews

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Handy dandy

Ive used this for 3 years. Extremely convenient and updated. Thank you

Was a useful app

Useful app and worked okay besides some hyperlink issues. Have to update the app to update my protocols

Annual fee

I like this app. Ive used it and have seen it used especially by those who are new to the state. Understanding phones shouldnt be relied on, we rely on our phones. Phones have phone numbers to important people and places like med control, EDs, and dispatch. Phones have GPS, calculators, and protocols if you choose. Im having a hard time, though, understanding why there will be an annual fee. I was happy paying the original fee to obtain the app. Protocols arent revised every year, so how can you place an annual fee?

Great app about to get worse

This is an amazing app for quickly looking up protocols! Unfortunately in the app description it says they are going to start requiring a $4.99 subscription in 2017! While I value this app and was willing to pay $9.99 initially for it, that is going to devalue it and make me search for other options (more out of principle, grandfather those who paid with the understanding it was a one time fee and my opinion will change). I will say though that they are quick to update the app as protocols change.


Fantastic App, always up to date. Protocols are on point!! Worth every penny

Has no BLS protocols.

Great for medics and studying for medic class but it has 0 BLS protocols other than ambulance inventory.

Good info but thats about it

Good quick reference but it could be quicker if the hyperlinks worked!

Could be better

The graphics have not been updated for larger screens. Also the favorite implementation is clunky. Would be nice to highlight and bookmark specific pages.


Great customer service, protocols in your pocket, takes a moment to upload your protocols but they do t seem to take up much space! Great App!!! Great Developer!!!

This is GREAT..!!!

Awesome app. that has really helped me with those difficult calls when i wasnt sure about treatment.....Now Im doing better with my skills,,,This is a must have

Worth it!

Best tool I have used for the job! And it is updated every year!


Very useful. Well organized and easy to use. Updates when protocols update as well. Highly recommend.


Very easy to use. Well done!

Very useful app!

I always have my phone and therefore I always have access to my protocols! Crucial to have access when I need it most. Simple and easy to use app. Update of protocols IMMEDIATELY available...very important to me!!!!

Nice app!

I just wish I could use it on scene. I still carry my flip book because Im worried what people may think if they see me on my phone on scene.

Great app

Use it every day - extremely helpful and easy to use. Allows me to quickly access protocols on the way to calls to check drug doses and ensure accurate treatment protocols. Ive worked in 3 different states and this app has had all the protocols I need for each department. A little expensive, but well worth the price.


Well worth the money. If you dont have it, get it.

Excellent source

Great app that can really save time when time matters.


Please Update your app to be compatible with the iPhone 5

Fancy PDF Viewer

This app is just a pdf viewer. I already had a PDF copy of my protocols on my iPhone so this didnt give me any more capability than I already had.

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