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VT EMS Protocols

The Vermont EMS Protocols App is now on the Google Play Store at:

Can the use of an ACLS Algoirthm App Improve Survival after In-hospital Cardiac Arrest

Hello everyone, today we are going to answer the question: Can use of an ACLS Algorithm App improve survival after In-hospital Cardiac Arrest? The goal of an ...

EMS Speak - Spanish Translation

Introducing the App that can save lives! EMS-Speak makes sure that language is not a barrier in emergency situations. The app has over 800 standard protocol ...

SimCode ACLS part 2/3

SimCode ACLS awwwwwwsome.

UW 360 December 2011: Tidal Energy

University of Washington scientists assess the possibilities for electricity generated by tidal currents in Puget Sound, including environmental impacts.

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